Many patients wonder whether they should see a medical doctor or a naturopathic doctor for their health concerns. While both types of physicians are skilled in treating a large variety of different health problems, there are many specific instances where seeing a naturopath may be the right choice for you. Below we have outlined the top three reasons why it might be a better option for you to see a naturopathic doctor: 


1. You have already tried conventional treatments for your condition and are dissatisfied with the results. Many patients seek out naturopathic care because the medications they take are not effectively controlling their symptoms. Other times, these medications cause unpleasant side effects. This often happens because the treatment is not directed at the root cause of the disease process. A naturopathic doctor’s goal is to find and treat the cause of your disease, which often allows for a more complete resolution of symptoms. 


2. Your conventional physician told you that “there is nothing wrong with you,” or “you’re just depressed,” because your lab results were normal, but you know that something is wrong. Oftentimes, conventional lab work does not screen for more complex conditions like food allergies, hormonal or gastrointestinal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or environmental exposures. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in a variety of specialized testing techniques that can often help to identify why you are feeling unwell. 


3. You feel rushed during appointments with your medical doctor. Many conventional physicians limit their appointment lengths to as little as 10-15 minutes. It is also common practice to limit the amount of medical problems you can discuss with the doctor at each visit. In contrast, naturopathic doctors usually spend at least an hour with new patients and 30 minutes to an hour for return visits. This gives us more time to not only properly understand and address your medical issues, but also to create a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. We believe that the role of a physician is to teach people how to live healthier lives, and this often cannot be done within the constraints of a 15 minute office visit.


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