Thyroid/Adrenal Care

Thyroid Disorders:

Our physicians have a great deal of experience helping patients with non-treated, under-treated or sub-optimally treated thyroid issues. We use comprehensive thyroid lab panels and thyroid function assessment tools to determine if the thyroid is functioning at a healthy level. We treat primary hypothyroidism, subclinical hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and sub-acute thyroiditis.   With immune and autoimmune thyroid disorders, we feel it is important to address the underlying immune dysfunction naturopathically. We use a wide variety of thyroid medications, as we find certain patients will respond better to certain medicines.   We have a great deal of experience and feel comfortable using conventional T4 medicines, Armour thyroid, Westhroid, Naturethroid, Cytomel and extended release T3.

Adrenal Disorders:

As naturopathic physicians, we recognize the critical role the adrenals can play in fatigue, stress disorders, PTSD, and other medical conditions such as Celiac disease and even allergies. Poor adrenal function can lead to chronic fatigue, brain fog, hypoglycemia, irritability, poor stress tolerance, weight gain, sleep problems, cognitive dysfunction, depression and anxiety. We use the Adrenal Stress Index salivary testing to get an accurate assessment of daily adrenal function.
Naturopathically, we can help patients recover from functional adrenal impairment through a variety of natural therapies: diet, lifestyle, stress modification, exercise, counseling, botanicals, orthomolecular nutrients, glandular extracts or physiological hydrocortisone replacement.

Addressing concurrent thyroid and adrenal issues:

We find that adrenal and thyroid disorders often occur concurrently and patients will always feel the best when both issues are addressed.   Because functional adrenal impairment is not always recognized in conventional medicine and often just referred to as “burnout” it is often incorrectly treated with anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. These patients, even though diagnosed with hypothyroidism, will often have poor reactions to thyroid medication because the underlying adrenal issue is not being addressed.


“Our physicians will go out of their way to find the best thyroid treatment for you and make sure you are feeling the best you can on your thyroid medication. We believe in optimizing patient metabolic function in addition to lab values”.

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