Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

How do we treat motor vehicle accidents?

We happily serve patients who have Personal Injury claims from motor vehicle accidents.
Dr. Thom Rogers has done Physical Medicine for 20 years in his practice.  He will begin by doing a thorough evaluation of the injuries sustained in your accident, ordering appropriate imaging and putting together a treatment and rehabilitation schedule to get back to normal health as quickly as possible.
Dr. Thom has taught Orthopedics at Bastyr Univerity.  He assisted for 2 years in the school physical medicine department.  He has done numerous internships, externships and preceptorships with body workers, chiropractors, physical therapists and Orthopedic doctors.   
He uses a combination of medical manual therapy with sift tissue techniques, Naturopathic manipulation, diagnotic and therapuetic ultrasound. muscle stim and injection therapies for ligament or tendon injuries.



I recently started seeing Dr. Thom Rogers for physical medicine.  He’s like a chiropractor /LMT/ physical therapy doctor all wrapped up in one. I had shoulder surgery 7 years ago and have been back to PT several times with some success, but not full recovery. Dr. Thom has worked through the scar tissue to where I have 100% recovery, full range of motion and no pain

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