Homeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine that can be incredibly helpful in treating all sorts of children’s health conditions. These remedies are commonly used by homeopathic doctors and the public to treat colds and flus, coughs, skin rashes, and digestive problems.


What many people don’t know is that homeopathy can also be helpful in treating behavioral problems in children. Often during our visits, my adult patients will begin to tell me about their children’s difficulties with sleeping, nightmares, bed-wetting, temper tantrums, aggressiveness, or hyperactivity and how it is negatively affecting the whole family’s quality of life. These parents are often quite surprised when I tell them that their children’s behavioral problems may be improved with a course of homeopathic treatment.


Homeopathic remedies are highly dilute medicines that work by stimulating the body’s own internal healing mechanisms. Due to their high dilution factor, these remedies can be safely used in children of all ages without risk of side effects. They can also be combined with other medications without worry of interaction.


To determine which homeopathic remedy might be most helpful for your child, a physician must do a very comprehensive and detailed intake. She may ask questions like: “What exactly does your child do when he is angry/sad/fearful/etc.?”, “What makes his mood better or worse?”, and “Was there any kind of stress that occurred before this behavior began?”


The doctor will also want to gather information about your child’s general temperament, temperature, sleeping and eating habits, and previous health history. Why is all this detail necessary? Because unlike medications, homeopathic remedies work by treating the individual, not by treating the illness or behavioral problem itself. By stimulating the internal healing mechanisms of the body, we often see abnormal moods, behaviors, and health problems come into balance naturally over the period of treatment.


Below is a (non-comprehensive) list of childhood conditions that may be improved with homeopathic treatment:




-Anger problems




-Vaccination reactions




-Growing pains


-Temper tantrums


-Teething pain


-Difficulty sleeping











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