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Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

There are over 10,000 chemicals in personal care products, and they are not even required to tell us which ones are in the products we buy. The average woman is exposed to over 500 chemicals a day, and most of these are topically applied and absorbed, or inhaled.

Rethinking Breast Cancer Treatment

I got a call back to repeat an abnormal mammogram the day before I received this Time magazine in my mailbox. At the time, I was seriously considering what I'd do if I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was such a timely article, with several very important points I...

Intelligent use of Nutritional Supplements

Intelligent use of Nutritional Supplements

Are nutritional supplements good for you? Should you take them? I get these questions all the time from patients in my practice. The answer is: It depends......depends on you, depends on your nutritional status, depends on the quality of the product and it depends if...

Defining Wellness Medicine

The landscape within the medical field has become a little crazy lately, leaving both doctors and patients frustrated and ready to pull their hair out.  There are numerous reasons for this, but without going into an expose about all the potential contributions to the...

Primer on Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine (RM) is an emerging field within medicine that deals with biological therapies intended to heal human tissues and organs through cellular regeneration. Many people will be familiar with the potential of stem cell therapies, which fall under the...

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