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Bio-identical Hormones: Getting Our Groove Back

Women are always in transition. Every phase of their life involves hormonal fluctuation. Starting in utero, and then roller-coasting through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, women strive to reach and maintain their personal sense of balance.

There is a natural rhythm flowing in our bodies that can be disrupted by food & lifestyle, synthetic hormones, and chemicals. After treating aggravating factors and improving nutrition, we often recommend using Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to create more of a sense of balance in our patients.

After testing for hormonal imbalances, we increase or decrease hormones that are out of balance by prescribing BHRT at appropriate levels. We compound the bioidenticals to your personal dosage, and we monitor and adjust as necessary. We offer both prescription and non-prescription bioidentical hormones as part of our individualized practice.

“Hormones can color your entire experience of life…make sure that color is rosy by getting in hormonal balance”

Hormonal Conditions treated at Core Vitality Clinic:

• Hypothyroidism
• Hashimotos disease
• Graves Disease
• Type II Diabetes
• Pre-Diabetes
• Adrenal dysfunction
• Menopause
• Andropause
• Growth Hormone Deficiency


Core Vitality approach to hormonal health

Hormone balance helps a person feel in balance. Hormones have a profound effect on our sense of well-being.   This can be thrown off if there are hormone deficiencies, hormone excesses, or unbalanced ratios of hormones. This is often the result of aging, stress, autoimmune disease, or dysfunction of hormone metabolism. At Core Vitality, you can be sure your physician will look for the underlying source of hormonal imbalance and address the problem from its source.

At Core Vitality Clinic, your physician will do a thorough medical history and exam to get an idea of what hormones may be out of balance and follow this up with thorough lab testing to confirm what is happening with the hormone levels in the body.

We will then create a customized treatment plan designed to treat the underlying source of hormone imbalance. This may include dietary therapy, detoxification, botanicals, specialized nutrients focused on hormone metabolism and/or hormone replacement.

We typically use the much safer compounded bio-identical hormones when prescribing hormone replacement therapy.


“At Core Vitality, you can be sure your physician will look for the underlying source of hormonal imbalance and address the problem from its source.”

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